Instuctions for patients

You have been treated with OPENCAST thermoplastic fixation. To ensure an uncomplicated course of treatment, please pay attention to the following warnings:

  1. OPENCAST thermoplastic fixation can be carefully loaded under optimal conditions in 20 minutes. During this time, please do not cover it or try to speed up the curing process in any way.
  2. Elevated position of the treated limb will prevent possible swelling. Keep your hand higher than your elbow. Do not wear rings on an injured hand.
  3. Exercise all unrestricted joints, including fingers, often and regularly. Try to tense the muscles under fixation – to prevent any potential swelling and improve blood circulation.
  4. Do not use nail polish to enable to monitor the circulation of the nail bed.
  5. If the fingers become swollen or blue, position them higher than the heart. Slight swelling is not a cause for concern, and positioning will improve circulation.
  6. Permanent pallor, impaired sensation, mobility, coldness and persistent swelling are manifestations of blood circulation and innervation disorders. In this case, visit our ambulance or emergency room immediately.
  7. Do not take painkillers for newly developed pain under the bandage. Pain is an important warning sign. Notify us of this fact immediately.
  8. Do not modify the fixation yourself in any way.
  9. Observe a resting regime. Due to the fact that it is a thermoplastic fixation, avoid an environment with a permanently high temperature, such as a thermal bath or a Finnish sauna.

We are looking forward to the next meeting at the specified inspection date, in the event. If you have any difficulties, please contact us at any time.